Virtual Boy Consolizer Case

Marcus Mitcham just designed a consolizer case for Nintendo’s Virtual Boy. Using Furrtek‘s Virtual Tap and Servo pcbs in conjunction with Db Electronic‘s SNES AV multi-out you can now turn your broken Virtual Boy into a fully fledged console outputting RGBs. You would of course need to provide a VB motherboard as well, from a […]

NES on Matrix Cube???

Greig Stewart aka Theramin Hero recently released a video of an LED matrix cube displaying an emulated version of NES Castlevania.  And it’s looks awesome. The whole thing was accomplished by linking together six Adafruit 64×64 LED matrix screens using a Raspberry Pi 4 and a customized software emulator.  While it’s not a way I’d […]

Mega Everdrive OS updated with New Mapper Support

Krikzz has updated his Mega Everdrive OS to version 3.10 and it adds a new mapper and some fixes to the Mega Everdrive X7 flash cart. Mega EverDrive OS update V3.101. Pier Solar mapper support (Mega x7/v2)2. Fixed sync drops during in-game menu execution — Igor Golubovskiy (@krikzz) December 21, 2019 The update primarily […]

How Emulators Rewind Games

Modern Vintage Gamer just posted a video that details exactly how ‘save states’ and ‘rewind’ are used in emulators.  While I’d heard it described well in the past, MVG’s video is the first to use a visual example of the code, making it easier (at least for me) to visualize it happening in real time. […]

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