Sega Nomad Triple Bypass Kits

Mobius Strip Tech has just opened pre-orders on his fully customized Sega Triple Bypass board for the Sega Nomad: These kits bypass the audio, video and headphone audio from the Sega Nomad to give you the best possible signal from the console.  It’s been verified in MDFourier and compatible with both the original and LCDDRV […]

SMS Homebrew: Voyage

There’s a new SMS homebrew available called: “Voyage – A Sorceress’ Vacation”.  The game is a complete hack of Alex Kidd in Miracle World and has been in development since 2016. I’ve been watching this game take shape on the SMS Power forum under it’s original working title “Ma Kai Quest” and was always looking […]

Project Lunar Public Beta Released

“Project Lunar” from the Mod My Classic group and site has released the public beta for the Sega Genesis/Mega Drive Mini.  This is a major overhaul to the emulator.  Giving users more customizing options, as well as greater accuracy in emulation then what the stock mini console provides.  Project Lunar even allows support for RetroArch […]

The SD2SNES Rebranded

The popular flash, SD2SNES is getting a name change and will now be known as the FXPAK.  This is in large part due to licensing issues with the term “S.D.” and creator of the SD2SNES, Igor Golubovskiy (krikzz) not wanting legal or trademark issues occurring due to the name.  Here is his tweet below. Due […]

Akira Sega Genesis Prototype Found

Hidden Palace has just come across a prototype of a very ambitious unreleased game for the Sega Genesis, based on the popular 1988 anime movie Akira: The game’s current state doesn’t allow you to beat any level or the game, however you can try any level and switch between each by hitting Start during gameplay […]

Mega SD Firmware update (December 2019)

Terraonion just released firmware 1.04 R07 for their Genesis/Sega CD/Master System rom-cart, the Mega-SD. So many new impressive options have been added this time around, like the directory cache feature, save ram backups, doubling the size of the CD RAM cartridge and the much requested MD+ audio fade command among a whole slew of bug […]

GameCube Swiss Updates (Late Dec 2019)

The Swiss team has been hard at work with more updates and some new features are focused on the new ways to launch homebrew:  The SD2SP2 and the GameCube Loader ODE. One interesting update is the focus on support for multi-disc games.  This is something that I tend to forget about, as my personal favorite […]

Omega MVS Review

Here’s a review of the Omega MVS from Arcade Works.  The Omega is essentially a custom case and “supergun” for a Neo Geo MV1C MVS motherboard that looks like it could be an official SNK console! While the console is good, we felt there was room for improvement and designed an RGB upgrade board for […]

MEGAGRRL Hardware Genesis Audio Player

MegaGRRL Desktop is a hardware device that plays Sega Genesis VGM files from an SD card, using the same SN76489 and either YM2612 (Genesis Model 1) or YM3438 (all other Genesis consoles) sound chips found in real Sega hardware.  This makes it a hardware-accurate Sega 8 & 16-bit music player. This is a standalone unit […]

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