240p Test Suite (NES, GB, GBA) Updated To v0.19

The GameBoy, GameBoy Advance and NES versions of the 240p Test Suite have just been updated to v0.19:  https://github.com/pinobatch/240p-test-mini/releases/tag/v0.19 Some notable updates are as follows: Stopwatch: Bolder digits GB: Super Game Boy colorization and border Backlight zone (NES, GB): Increase starting size to 2 pixels Color bleed (GBA): Fix frame # covering everything PLUGE Contrast and […]

Sega Saturn 2.4GHz RF Wireless Controller Pre-Orders

Castlemania Games has just opened pre-orders on the upcoming Retro-Bit wireless Sega Genesis and Sega Saturn bluetooth and RF wireless controllers.  By far the most exciting ones (IMO) are the RF Saturn controllers, as they’re the first commercially available modern wireless controllers that are compatible with original consoles!: Sega Saturn 2.4GHz RF Wireless Controller – […]

RetroRGB Panel at Retro World Expo in Hartford, CT

I’ll be presenting at the Retro World Expo on both Saturday September 28th and Sunday September 29th in Hartford, CT!:  https://retroworldexpo.com/panelschedule/ Saturday at 1PM in Panel Room A – I’ll be assisting Lon from lon.tv on a panel titled “Is FPGA The Future Of Retro Gaming”? Sunday at 4PM in Panel Room A – This will […]

SNES Switch Controllers Available To Purchase

Nintendo Switch Online members are now able to purchase up to four official Super Nintendo-style controllers for use with the Nintendo Switch for $30 plus shipping (NYC was about $9 in shipping costs for one):  https://snesc.nintendo.com/super-nintendo-entertainment-system-controllers I’ve been using my 8BitDo SNES-style bluetooth controller (links below) as my primary Switch controller ever since it was […]

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