New Component to RGB Converter Announced

Once you start using hardware in the retro gaming world, it’s inevitable that you’ll run into an issue that requires a signal conversion.  Here in North America, wanting to use RGB SCART on consumer-grade TV’s that only support YPbPr Component Video input is one of the most common conversions you’ll hear of.  RetroTINK creator Mike […]

The First Official Release of Furrtek’s Neo-Geo Core is now Available for the MiSTer

The first official release of the Neo-Geo core is now available for the MiSTer platform!  Thanks to the hard work of Furrtek, Sorgelig, Greyrogue, Rysha and other contributors, installing it is as easy as choosing the update option in the scripts menu of the MiSTer. Users that prefer to who do not have network connectivity […]

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