Unreleased XBOX Game by MVG

Modern Vintage Gamer just released a video showcasing his work on finishing an unreleased game for the original XBOX called FreeFall 3050AD.  This game was originally made for the Nuon DVD/Game console however the OG XBOX version was never finished.  MVG contacted the old head of Total Arkade Software, Tony Takoushi and asked if he […]

Lost UD-USB Decoders…

Undamned just released a statement on the Arcade-Projects Forum that DHL has lost an entire boxed shipment of UD-USB Decoders.  Undamned states that 480 units and equaling months of work is currently lost and has been giving no answer as to its location by DHL.  Undamned is not quite ready to start work on replacement […]

New SX-1 Mini FPGA MSX Compatible Available

The SX-1 Mini-ITX format FPGA board is now available to purchase from 8bits4ever.  This FPGA is a fully compatible MSX2+ system that is in a Mini-ITX form factor.  Which will give users greater options when deciding on which case they can use to house this board.  Other features of this FPGA board include video output […]

N64 Controller Project for MSX

Over on the news site Hackaday.  Danjovic is heading a project called the NSX 64.  This project will allow support for using an N64 controller on MSX computers.  The overall setup is not complicated with an Arduino Nano, 560 ohms resister, and some controller extension cables.  However the issues lye with the signal timing on […]

RYM2612 Iconic FM Synthesizer “Synth of Rage”

A company named Inphonic is releasing a virtual synth named the RYM2612 Iconic FM Synthesizer.  This was also reported on musicradar.com by Simon Arblaster, links below.  The RYM2612 is a VST plugin (Virtual Studio Technology) or virtual collection of instruments that is used as an addon for digital audio programs.  The RYM2612 faithfully emulates the […]

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