VESA Publishes its new Display Port 2.0 Standards

Image from The Video Electronics Standards Association (VESA) has just released its standard guidelines for the Display Port 2.0.  The new standards state that new Display Port 2.0 will not only be able to accommodate 8k but actually be able to support resolutions beyond 8k.  The notable benefits also extent to the areas of […]

Sega Mega Drive Tower of Power? But wait there’s more!

Well, its seems there is more to the story with Sega Mega Drive “Tower of Power” being offered in Japan.  A Collector Edition looks to be offering 22 non functioning Sega Mega Mini Cartridges which could be displayed with your unit.  This is all for aesthetics and really serve no actually functional purpose other then […]

The C64 Returns!

A company called Retro Games is releasing a HDMI/USB plug and play version of the Commodore 64 (C64).  Much in similarity to the NES and SNES Classics as well as the upcoming Sega Mega Drive/Genesis classics.  This new C64 aims to be a modernized plug and play solution which will be available December 2019.  Giving […]

End of Production for the FrameMeister

Posted on, which is the company behind the FrameMeister (HDMI Upscaler).  Has announced that production has come to an end with all the stocked parts now used to make the last units.  The remaining supply of stocked FrameMeister units are now all that remain for sale.  Potential buyer should buy now before they are […]

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