Saturn Homebrew Engine in Development

Could this mean that the dawn of new Saturn games may be upon us? Developer Maxime, AKA XL2, posted a new video that showcases his homebrew Sega Saturn engine and it’s impressive. It boasts a nice steady framerate with far less clipping & artifacts than a lot of officially released Saturn titles.  Even more impressive is […]

Game Boy Interface – May 2019 Updates

Extrems has been continuing to update the Game Boy Interface software as usual and this month has brought a few more changes: For standard edition: Added prescaling filter setting. Added blend, deflicker* and accumulate filters. *The deflicker filter isn’t quite (yet) a perfect replica of the Game Boy Player Start-up Disc’s normal screen filter, but […]

RetroTINK-2X to OSSC Line 5X Tutorial by Mike Chi

Mike Chi, most notably known as the creator of the Retrotink line of products, just posted a tutorial video showcasing the Retrotink 2x working in conjunction with the OSSC. Mike used an unmodified NES to output composite video to the Retrotink 2x. He, then, instead of using a HDMI to VGA converter (this option produces […]

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